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DESCRIPTIVE:  What is prayer? Get the definition of prayer, and why are some unanswered prayers.  What are prayers for strength, and prayers of the faithful?  Find the importance of prayer and what is spiritual.

what is prayer

God loves everyone, and everyone must learn how to pray the right way. You will find out how to ensure that your prayers are answered. Make sure your prayers, become a reality, both in the spiritual realm, and in the material earthly realm. Although that which you will receive cannot be seen "You Will Receive". Although all of the things you will receive cannot be seen, before you receive them, this does not mean that it does not exist. They do exist, and your blessings Exist, before you receive! 


Dictionary Definition

The dictionary states that:

  • prayer is asking
  • prayer is a devoted petition
  • prayer is supplication
  • prayer is spiritual devotion

The above religious and dictionary definition of prayer tells us that prayer is a manner of asking a spiritual entity for things with devotion.  Additionally, the word petition means to beg.  Finally, the source states that prayer means to be pious while begging.

Spiritual Definition

Prayer is:

  • Thankfulness
  • The recognition of a power higher than yourself
  • Devotion
  • Blessing others, and yourself

The Most High God already knows what you need, and also knows what you want.  You are told to ask God for what you want because asking strengthens your faith, your trust, and your belief.

Prayer is Not Begging

Did that dictionary definition say begging?  Here is something for us to ponder.  We are created whole, complete, safe, loved and provided for by our creator.  With one truth that caused us into being a "higher power" and with one true effect that was created which is "you".  

When we were created we were seen as full, and complete, with no imperfections.  If there are any imperfections, it is because we perceived them.  Our creator sees only perfection, and is unable to view us as imperfect.  Imperfection is a label we give ourselves.

The Bible, and the other holy books like the Quran tells us that the angel of light, and his cohorts were kicked out of heaven because they saw fault in the human being, and God did not.

You Will Never Allow Yourself to Beg

The instructions that we receive is that even if you have as little faith as a mustard seed, and make your request known to God, and believe that whatever you ask you shall receive.  The doors of heaven will be open.  

  • Have Faith
  • Request
  • Believe

We are born in perfect truth and do not need to beg?  We must enlighten our perception of ourselves, and realize that a low frequency can be raised to that which is perfect.  The reality is that each life is a perfected truth regardless of its perceived imperfections.  Super heroes are a myth that can become a reality within you.  Perfect yourself through prayer.


What is prayer?  Your prayers are already in existence, because you are in existence, and you must call forth what you want through the power of the spoken word, trust, belief, and faith.

Although you cannot see that which you will receive, does not mean that it does not exist.  It Does Exist!  Matthew 18:18 tells us this “Whatever you bind on earth... is also bound in heaven; whatever you loose... on earth, it loosed in heaven.”  Your thoughts, and actions will bring forth your reality.

Your Frequency Must Be Total Faith!

While observing Jesus we learn how he healed so many people.  We see that he was able to heal because he did not see what they saw.   

Jesus did not see the illness, he saw what was causing the illness, and called it out.  Jesus did not pay attention to what was visible, he spoke to what was invisible.  Jesus brought into harmony everything that was out of balance.  

The very frequency of Jesus was total faith.

Jesus believed that anything could be perfected.  He completely believed that anything out of balance could be brought back into harmony with itself. 

It was not necessary for Jesus to stop and petition God before each healing.  His essence vibrated perfection.  When the woman touched his garment she was healed, and many more were healed with his touch.   

Your complete being is a Macrocosm.  You are a complete personal universe, within the cosmic universe.   There is nothing "out there" for you to pray to - the answers come from within you.  You will pray inwardly so that it will be sincere, to a higher source than yourself.  


It is true that only the prayers of the faithful are answered.  You must hold the frequency of that which you want within you to receive a answered prayer. 

In other words, what you want must abide within you. When it lives inside you it is on the grounds that you have faith in it, and have permitted it to remain connected to you. This includes negative things also.

There are many unanswered prayers because:

  • You believe that you are not worthy:  The God within you cannot partner with any of your personal beliefs accepting that you have imperfections.
  • The vibrational frequency of that which you ask for is not found (at once) in your heart, mind, and body combined.  In other words what you want to materialize must radiate strongly within you.
  • You are not completely sure of what you want, what you want to become, or who you currently are.  If you are confused your prayer will take much longer to arrive.  
  • You are not sincere, when you pray.
  • You do not believe you will recieve what you have asked for.
  • You do not trust that this thing will be delivered to you.


Mantra: Please heal the part of me that accepted that I am Less than that which you have created, for I AM Perfection in Action

Prayers work when:

  • What you are asking for is already a part of your vibrational frequency.
  • You are sure that you want it.
  • You create some action to get it.  
  • You believe that you have already received it in the spiritual realms.
  • You trust that there is a God that will take care of you.
  • You have faith that this thing is arriving.
  • You have complete confidence, without wavering.

Your prayers are already within you.  Your prayers are a part of you waiting for you to call it forth. Not by begging, but by believing.  

  • Once, you have done the above, you do not have to keep asking.  
  • The vibration of that which you seek is already within you.
  • All you must do now is be thankful for receiving. 
  • That which you have asked for is already yours.  Your thoughts created it.

Your Prayer is Now a Spiritual Reality

This thing that you have asked for has already materialized on the spiritual realm.  Now you will wait for it to come into existence on the earthly realm.

If You Do Not Have Faith

If you do not have complete faith that you will receive.  You will wait for your prayer to be answered.  Your wait will be in direct proportion to your faith.  In this case you should ask everyday, because in asking you will teach yourself to trust, and have faith.

Outwardly directed prayers are not necessary.  The ruler of your universe (science has shown us we have millions of atoms just like the cosmos) is You!  


I am sure you have heard the saying "when you love yourself, you will find true love".  Likewise, it is the same with faith.  When you truly believe and trust, you will have faith in that which you wish to materialize.  When you are confident in this understanding asking what is prayer will no longer be a necessary question.

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